Reflection of The Pursuit of Happyness

I like this film very much, it’s a real story. It’ appropriate for many people’s life. Also it is a good movie for students to understanding life is not easy. It is not esay for parents to bring us life. This movie could let me have many feelings. The strongest emotion that is I could understand my parents difficulties. Furthermore I supposed that a father is a great person. Every parents for their children are selfless. Every parents for their children is uniqie. All the children trust their parents and love them. I learned a lot of. The most obvious of these is trust,work hard and cherish. Everyone has a down period,but it will be past. Meanwhile, the most key point, we need to work hard to change our life. If we got all, we must be cherish that, it’s not easy to get it.

British Columbia

This website tell us about geography of Canada. Geography include physical geography, economy and populated. Physical geography talks about it’s composition and structure and natural environment. The economy is the backbone of the BC economy. The population is mainly a simple introduction to the central area.

Math 11 Sequences and Series Blog Post

1.1 Arithmetic Sequences
1.common difference=Tn-Tn-1
2.The Formula for the General Term of an Arithmetic Sequence
         The formula for the general term of an arithmetic sequence is
      Tn=T1+(n-1)d               or                  Tn=a+(n-1)d
 (explain why you add 9 not 10 common difference to find term 10)
 1.2 Arithmetic Series
1.for example.                     3,5,7,9,11————-arithmetic sequence
                                               3+5+7+9+11———arithmetic series.
Sn=n[2a+(n-1)d]/2                                                  Sn=n(a+Tn)/2