Week 13-Reciprocal Quadratic Functions

This week we learned reciprocal quadratic functions graph

So when we get the function, we have to graph the (parent function)quadratic formula first ,and then we have to find the invariant points ,which is when y=1 . y=-1 ,the points that on the parent function graph ,we can see this picture don’t have find the vertical asymptotes ,so there is no vertical asymptotes, because the x=0 is the asymptotes already so we don’t have to draw another one ,just have the horizontal asymptotes y=0 (in this term we just earn y=0)

First we also we have draw the parent formula, and there is no invariant point.we can find the reciprocal of number in the end (2) to find a point that the reciprocal of the quadratic function touch in the y line(x=0)

Ok so we draw the parent function again , find the x-intercept to find the vertical asymptotes (two) ,and there have the four invariant numbers ,and for the third graph line that function of the reciprocal of the quadratic function ,you also can find the point that reciprocal of the end number (four to be one over four:0.25) that where it touch at the y line(x=0)

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