Week 4 -Adding and subtracting radical expressions

When you simplify your radicals down, you can only add common radicals together. When you’re adding or subtracting radicals, the radicand always stays the same, which is why you need to have a common radicand. Once you’ve collected common radicals you you either add or subtract the co-efficients together depending on the sign

EX:3√5+6√5(They have same radicand)=9√5


We also learned how to make it simplify

You have to simplify the number in the  root as much as you can by multiplying it by several equal numbers

EX:square root:√64=√4*4*4=4√4

cube root: ³ √81=³√3*3*3*3=3 ³√3

it makes you can better to add up some numbers with the root



see the picture


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