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Part 1 – Micro:bits Introduction

Step 1: Learn what a Micro:bit is – Click Here

Step 2: Understand Micro:bit safety: Click Here

Step 3: Understand How to Start: Click Here

Step 4: Complete all of the 5 tutorials over the next month: Click Here

Part 2 – Micro:bits Introduction

Step 1: In the library is a box filled with various tools that can be used  to enhance the micro:bit. Choose 1 and learn how to use it, how to code it, and understand what it is for, and how it can be used. You will need to find time to play in the maker space.  Ask Ms. Henderson for this box.

Step 2: Take pictures and document your learning.

Step 3: Post to you blog.

Answer the following questions in a blog post”

  1. What is the name of the device you have chosen?
  2. What is it used for? Can it be used for other things in a classroom setting?
  3.  What code did you use and what does it do? (Pictures or video’s please)
  4. Can you think of any other meaningful ways micro:bits can be used in previous and/or current classes you have taken? Please think about this and explain how and where you think micro:bits can be used.

Step 4: Post Your Response to Your Blog

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