Tech Team Day 8 – Putting it ALL together

Year End Reflection

Complete the following questions thoroughly and in detail. Each question must be thoroughly answered in a blog post. Use pictures, videos and other evidence of your learning where appropriate.

Step 1: Answer the questions below.

a) Describe your project. What did you do? How did you do it?

b) What problems did you run into? Were you able to solve these challenges? How did you solve these challenges? Is there anything you would do differently?

c)  What did you learn? Were you able to learn new skills or strengthen previous ones?


Impact: How might your project positively impact the social and emotional well being of students/our school? What can be done to increase the impact of this idea on the school?

Desirability: What could you change to make your project more desirable to students, teachers, administrators, parents or the community?

Integratability: What would you change to make this idea easier to integrate into a school setting?

Feasability: Looking back what would you change what would you keep?

e) What did you learn from being a part of this project?

Step 4) Post Your Application to Your Blog

Title: Tech Team Year End Reflection

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Due: Friday June 14th

Assessment: Monthly Reflection Rubric

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Tuesday June 4th

Tuesday June 11th

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