Tech Team Day 7 – Tech Team Innovation

Tech Team Innovation

Step 1: Tech Team 

Take a moment to answer the following questions:

  • What aspects of Tech Team are successful? Explain why.
  • What aspects of Tech Team are challenging? Explain why.
  • What support does our school need from the Tech Team moving forward? Explain why.
  • What can we do to improve our support for our school?

Step 2: Research

Take some time to research various Tech Teams around North America. There are several schools using different variations of students in tech leadership positions. Look into them, and see what they are doing, how are they set up, how do they communicate, how do they improve their school culture around technology.

  • What are some things other Tech Teams are doing that we may want to apply at Riverside?
  • Has you research created any ideas that the Tech Team can implement here?

Step 3: Post to Your Blog

Place all of your answers to step 1 in and 2 in a blog post. Please be descriptive and explain things to the best of your ability.

Title: Tech Team Innovation

Category: Tech Team

Tag: TechTeamInnovation

Due Date: Tuesday May 21st, 2019 

Assessment: Monthly Reflection Rubric

Next Group  Meeting

Tuesday May 21st, 2019

Tuesday May 28th – Cancelled

Tuesday June 4th

Tuesday June 11th

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