• How to Post
  • How to Use Your Posting Options

How to Post

Step 1: Go to your Dashboard and click Posts, located on the left hand side of the page, or, at the top of the page click on New

Step 2: Click Add New to create a new post

Step 3: Add a title for your post

Step 4: Add content to your post. As you add content, there are options to alter the fonts, add media and hyperlink located above

Step 5: Select the appropriate category (usually a subject) where you want the post to go. The post will go to whatever categories your select. For example, students can choose portfolio, if they would like there post to go to their portfolio.

Step 6: Add tags that are specific to your post so that you can find it easier (e.g. World War 2, Short Stories). Tagging is a method used to organise your posts even more specifically by topic. If you are using the reading program on the blog, it will also allow you locate students work by tag.

Step 7: If you would like to set a featured image that will show up on your blog posts, you may select a picture specific to your blog post now.

Step 8: Prior to publishing, you have lots of options:

  • Status: You can save your post as a draft to publish at a later date
  • Visibility: You can make your posts public, private, or password protect them
  • Publish: You can select a publishing date fort the blog to automatically publish your work

Step 9: Select Publish

How to Use Your Editor Video – Click Here

How to Post Video – Click Here

How to Control and Edit Your Posts

Step 1: Go to your Dashboard

Step 2: Select Posts

Step 3: Select All Posts

Step 4: Locate the post you would like to edit or delete


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