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How to Embed a Video

Videos from video sharing websites can be placed into your posts by using the 1) URL and 2) Embed Code


Step 1: Copy the video’s URL from your web browser’s address bar while viewing the video. For YouTube you use the video URL from “Share this video” under the Share option.

Step 2: Go to your Dashboard, select Posts, and select Add New

Step 3: Paste the URL on a line by itself in your post/page editor where you want the video to appear. Your video will appear on your blog when you publish your post.


Step 1:  Locate the video you want to embed.  Copy the embed code (when using YouTube, use the share option, and select embed to generate an embed code). Websites range in the methods they use to represent the embed codes, look closely for them. *For YouTube videos make sure you turn off “Show suggested video feature”.

Step 2: Go to your Dashboard, select Posts, and then select Add New

Step 3: Place the cursor where you want the video to appear, and then click on Add Media

Step 4: In the Add Media window click on Insert Embed Code

Step 5: Paste the embed code into the text box

Step 6: Click Insert into Post. Your media will appear when you publish your video

Additional Resources

How to Add Picture

Step 1: Go to your Dashboard, select Posts

Step 2: Select Add New

Step 3: Select Add Media

Step 4: You have 3 options:

1) Upload a picture from your computer

2) Add a picture you have already uploaded from your Media Library

3) Add a picture from a URL

 Step 5: Select a picture, and click Open

Step 6: Select a picture from your Media Library, enter a title

Step 7: Click on Insert into Post

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