Wave Interference Blogpost

Constructive interference: Above is an example of Constructive interference of a wave, it is tough to see but right at the beginning the wave is much larger and this is where the two waves came together to make a big one, they combined. You can see it goes back down and seems to “split” into […]

Thermos Challenge Blogpost

Planning, Process, Analysis: Prototype Testing Procedure:   Goal: The goal for our procedure is to determine how effective each of our thermos. prototypes are at conserving heat of 150ml of boiling water over time. We also needed to stay within a budget and make it aesthetic pleasing.   Materials:   -Beaker (250 ml)  -Hot Plate  -Thermometer (Celsius)  -Funnel  -Tongs  -150ml of boiling water  […]

Newton’s Three Laws of Motion Blogpost

Short Story   Billy’s Adventure Some early teens have trouble understanding Newton’s laws of motion. To better understand these laws, we must tell the story of an average boy going about his day. It was a typical sunny Saturday.  13-year-old Billy is in his basement doing laundry. When he bends over to pick up a […]

Week 6 – precalculus 11

This week in Precalculus 11, we learned how to develop and use the Quadratic Formula. In our learning, quadratic equations take the form of, . If we complete the square of this equation, we get another formula that can be used to determine solutions to any and all quadratic equations written in the same form […]

ITM 12 – Linux Essentials Blog Post #1

MAN PAGES These “Man pages” are used to describe commands, show their features, and give options on how to use them. To view a man page for a command, issue the command “man command“. man cal will display the man page for the cal command, or the calendar command. The following is an example of […]

Rube Goldberg Project

OPERATION CHURRO Steps of machine: Step A. The phone is called then vibrates down the binder hitting the dominoes. (The phone vibrating would be mechanical energy and it moving down would be the result of gravitational energy too. (The dominoes are moving based on mechanical energy. Mechanical/Gravitational to mechanical.) Step B. The dominoes go up […]