My Environmental Interactions

This assignment is asking us to reflect how our actions have consequences and how we can preserve the planet better.


Driving is something I do everyday, when it’s either getting on the bus or driving to school the emissions affect the planet. The carbon emissions are bad for the geosphere and can cause unnatural weather and temperatures. I always try to ride with as many people as possible to make sure I’m not using more emissions than I need to.

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Food Waste

I always make sure I put my food scraps in the green waste and try to waste the least amount I can. Wasting food is not smart but you always want to green waste so you are not taking away that much from the biosphere. I also always recycle and if I can’t find a bin I always wait until I find one.

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I always try to use the least amount of water I can but sometimes I just waste. I always take short showers and wash my hands quickly. I also always try to not leave the tap running so I’m not wasting water. When i’m brushing my teeth I always turn off the tap so that water is not being wasted. I could change about how I use water but I think for now I should focus on other areas of conservation.

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I try to use the least amount of electricity that I can but I always seem to be using it. I use it on everything, TV, Computers, washing clothes, etc. I do think I could definitely turn off the lights more often. I feel like electricity is somewhere where I need to use it or else I’ll have nothing to do.





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