Electricity Unit Mind Map


1.What source of energy causes the least pollution and the least deaths?

2. Is their a maximum voltage a charge can be? If so, what is the limit?

3. What is the minimum voltage that is lethal?

4. Humans produce electric charges, do plants?

5. If a current of electrons begins to flow through a wire with 1 ohm resistance, and goes through a 5 ohm resistor, then back to a 1 ohm resistance wire, since resistance decreases, would it speed up again upon exiting the 5 ohm resistor?

6. If there are more loads added in a parallel circuit do the loads on the end of the circuit get less of a charge.

7. How come electricity can kill someone and revive them also?

8. If no one is using power does the electricity plant store the electricity if not, what happens to the unused electricity?

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