BC Confederation

Part One

  1. Why did BC and Vancouver Island Colony merge in 1866? Weak economy because gold rush ended, In debt because of spending on infrastructure (Cariboo Wagon Road), Combining BC and Van Island would make paying off debt easier
  2. What would be the new capital of BC colony after 1866? Victoria
  3. Who is Frederick Seymour and what locations bear his name today?  Second governor of the new BC, Opposed to confederation, Mt. Seymour, Seymour St.
  4. What role did Amor De Cosmos play in BC’s confederation and what locations bear his name today? Second premier of BC, Promoted union with Canada, Founded Confederation, League, Organized Confederation Conference in Yale, Part of BC legislature,
  5. What role did John Robson play in BC’s confederation and what locations bear his name today? Politician, businessman, Nith premier of BC, Helped DeCosmos with the Yale Conference
  6. How was Anthony Musgrave vital to BC’s confederation and what locations bear his name today? Seymour dies Musgrave replaces him as Governor, Former governor of NFLD, Pro Confederation

Part Two:

Explain why BC’s independence was not a viable option.

Although BC had some well established industries, both the population and economy  had been decreasing since the end of the gold rush. This made it a poor decision to try and go it alone.

Explain why BC remaining a British Colony was not a viable option.

Britain no longer wanted to support BC, because of the large amount of debt Governor Douglas acquired. They were also not confident they could defend a colony so far away.

Explain the argument for annexation to America.

BC actually was more relatable to America than it was to the rest of Canada. Geographically, BC was 1000s of miles away from the nearest settlement, as was cut off from due to the Rocky Mountains. This would make transportation and trade much more difficult. Many citizens also did not trust Canada’s ability to protect BC, due to communication and transportation issues. Another big problem was that a lot of the eastern provinces shared similar industries to BC, creating more competition. And on the other side of that, markets and trade bonds with the Americans had already been created, providing even more incentive to join with them.

Explain the argument for Confederation with Canada.

The main reason for confederation was the threat of annexation from America. Due to the recent purchase of Alaska from the Russians, Canada felt that they were being surrounded by the Americans. In order to survive, many though the key was a solidified nation from coast to coast. Without that threat, BC would have likely never joined with the rest of Canada.

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