Why were the Douglas Treaties signed?

I think the biggest reason for the signing of the Douglas Treaties was largely communication issues (mixed with a little bit of fraud) – not need. The Aboriginals had no idea when they were drawing X’s on blank documents that they were signing away their lands. They had no concept of money, or even treaties for that matter. They simply believed that they were keeping the peace. An example of this is a quote from Document #10: “Our people didn’t know what the X’s were for. Actually they didn’t call them X’s they called them crosses. ” Or from Document 3: “Never, never did the Indians sign away title to their land just for a few blankets.” “I have no knowledge of payments of money, as mentioned in papers supposed to have been signed by Chief ”

What makes it worse, is that these fake signatures were not even on official documents, instead the X’s were transferred later on, which is totally illegal, and in no way a legit way to make a treaty.

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