Passion Project Reflection December

What are some things you have learned and/or tasks you have accomplished this month? 


December was a shorter month for lighting and theatre tech in general due to the two week holiday. I did not learn much, but instead focused more on maintaining the lights and booth before we headed off for the break. I went  up back stage and organized our many boxes of cables, bulbs, and other lighting related stuff. Adding clear labels and making sure everything was in good condition as well as being where it should. This is important, as in February the musical is going to be in full swing, without time for simple chores like these.

I also had to deal with a rather unfortunate situation, a broken bulb. When testing the lights, I noticed one not turning on. Everything was patched correctly, so I was confused as to why it wasn’t working. Taking a physical look, it was obvious what the problem was. The bulb had exploded, and the glass from it was scattered along the inside of the lamp. This is very serious, because if that lamp had been at a steeper angle, that glass could be flying down at someone’s head. I took it down, cleaned out the glass, and wrenched the remnants of the bulb out (not as easy as it seems)  and popped a new one in. A simple fix, but a dangerous problem to have. Usually the cause of bulbs exploding is due to grease or oil on the bulbs transferred from fingers while inserting into the lamp.

Aside from maintenance, it was fairly quiet in the theatre department except for a band performance. Last minute, I was asked to reposition 4 lights to provide light for the choir. Not a quick task, as it requires lots of running back and forth, and micro changes in the position of the lights. With that task, I learned the importance of not getting mad at the drama teacher for last minute changes, even though it happens so frequently.

What aspects of your passion project are working? Explain why.

Honestly, my Passion Project has been going exceedingly well. It has been great to be able to have learned all this information and tools, and implement it into my work at Riverside. I look forward to continuing my education in this field, as well as use what I gain to help make Rivers Edge theatre productions even better.

What aspects of your passion project are challenging? Explain why.

This month as well as the next, time to volunteer at Evergreen has been limited due to work experience kids needing to fulfil  hours before the semester is up. Obviously those people get priority, because they are actually taking a course, but it is still frustrating to not get time to come in, as well as the opportunity to learn.

What steps did you take to overcome these challenges / what adjustments did you need to make?

I try my best to inquire with the head tech at Evergreen about hours I could fill, as well as keep certain days open (Sat-Sun) that I know I am usually called in for.

Is there anything you can do improve? (with your approach to the project, or altering the project)

Nope, I think the way I am going about this is fine.

What is the next step, when will it be completed.

The next step? Head back to Evergreen. In the coming months I’ll try to be there as much as possible.

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