O365 Review

a) What do you think of Office 365?

I won’t personally use it in class, as I already have the full Office Suite installed on my laptop, but it seems like functional, easy to software that has a lot of capability and potential.

b) Why do you think that?

Often in class, there is lots of problems and time wasted due to the worksheets or documents not supported by certain students readers. This is very annoying, and happens almost every class. With Office 365, which is universal to all devices, no matter if its Andriod, IOS, or Windows, this problem would be erased. Everyone could just use Word, instead of Pages and all those other apps.

c) What are the strengths of this program?

– Software capable of handling any word processing you need to do

– Saves to OneDrive

– Everyone can read the same documents

d) What are the weakness of this program?

– For first timers could be difficult to understand

– Relies on internet connectivity

– Support for some devices and operating systems is greater than others

e) How can this program be used in a classroom setting to enhance student learning?

Like I said before, this would make class move along way faster. Instead of delays while programs are downloaded or documents are transferred into other formats, everything could go harmoniously because everyone could read the same document.

f) What suggestions do you have to improve the program?

Expand the use of the program, by adding things such as the ability to read PDF

g) Do you have any questions about the program?


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