Aquarium Photo Journaling

Symbiotic Relationship:

The anemone fish and the anemone protect each other from each other predators, forming a symbiotic relationship. The fish eats the invertebrates on the plant, and in return, the plant stings any predators threatening the fish.

Grade 10 161

An amphibian with a warning colouration:

The Golden Poison Frog uses a warning colour to scare off any potential predators. This frog is the most poisonous frog known to man.

Grade 10 147

An animal demonstrating camouflage:

The Oriental Fire-Belly Toad has colours on its back to help itself camouflage in it’s habitats. Depending on the location, the colours will differ.

Grade 10 127

Biotic and abiotic factors interacting in a habitat: The fish living in this tank use the siding rock as a habitat.

Grade 10 155

An endangered or threatened species:

The False Tomato Frog’s habitat resides in the forests of Madagascar, which are decreasing in size due to invasive plant species’.

Grade 10 131

An example of a physiological adaption of an animal: The Red-Footed Tortoise’s lack of webbed feet indicates that it has adapted to living on land in addition to swimming.



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