Passion Project Reflection October


What are some things you have learned and/or tasks you have accomplished this month? (Use videos, pictures, upload materials etc. as evidence of learning in your blog)

This month was all about preparation for me. I connected with the technical director at Evergreen, setting a time for an interview as well as a tour. I got established as a volunteer (equipped with a name tag), and was a given a date for my first volunteer opportunity.

That opportunity was loading in the Arts Club Theatre on-tour production of “Red Rock Diner”. I skipped school to do this, and spent the majority of the day (9-7) at Evergreen, helping out with a variety of activities. It started out with unloading the truck, which had been packed full with all kinds of props and set pieces. From there, we started the construction. This was the longest task, as the pieces we were setting up were quite big. I also helped out with technical tasks, such as hanging “Movers”, lights that pitch and yaw can be independently controlled from the lighting board.

What aspects of your passion project are working? Explain why.

So far, the experience has been great. I’ve learned so much from the professionals at Evergreen, and I look forward to learning more. I am very happy with my experience loading in Red Rock Diner, and it felt good being part of the team to put on such an awesome production.

What aspects of your passion project are challenging? Explain why.

Managing my time effectively. At times it is difficult to be able to go to all the dates/opportunities that are given to me, as life gets in the way.

What steps did you take to overcome these challenges / what adjustments did you need to make?

As more things start to come onto my plate, I have been using my phone calender more and more. It is great to be able to see all my commitments all together, including their times, dates, and locations. This is a far better solution than keeping it all in my head, as having the ability to see them next to each other makes sure there will be no conflicts.

Is there anything you can do improve? (with your approach to the project, or altering the project)

I don’t think I can improve anything per-say, but I definitely can continue to listen, observe, and absorb the information provided to me by the awesome techs at Evergreen. This is vital, as I will need to implement these resources into River’s Edge Theatre.

What is the next step, when will it be completed.

The next step? Head back to Evergreen. In the coming months I’ll try to be there as much as possible.

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