Passion Project Application

My passion project will be to volunteer at The Evergreen Cultural Centre, under the industry profession theatre technicians. This will give me a chance to not only enhance my knowledge of the theatre environment and all its components, but hone my current skills to the best they can be. The biggest problem for me in this situation is time management. In my previous experiences, you never go to do work in a theatre for an hour or two, it always ends up being an extended period of time. This has and will create trouble for me and my commitments, something that I will have to manage closely. In order to keep up with the constant flow of dates and times, I’ll have to be able to budget my  time wisely, choosing the most beneficiary and important events to go/commit to.

My Schedule:

November 23-27th: One Act Festival of Short Shorts

February 22nd – March 4th: Anything Goes Musical

May 5th: Talent Show

Ongoing Events:

Each month I will be informed of events at Evergreen I can help at.

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