Passion Project Brainstorm

Passion Project Brainstorm

Things I Like to Do / Feel Comfortable with Technologically:

  • Web Design – I am familiar with pretty much all the mark-up languages, those being HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, etc.
  • Maintaining and operating stage lights
  • Extensive knowledge of the Ion Lighting Board
  • Use of Windows, OSX, and Linux
  • Construction and internals of PC’s (I built my own)
  • Extensive knowledge of the entire Office Suite, up to 2016

Interests and Involvement at Riverside

  • Lead Lighting Technician for┬áRivers Edge Theatre

Thing I would change Technologically at Riverside if I could

I would ┬álove to see the teachers using the technology we have on hand to greater use. There are many applications out there that have been programmed for education on all levels, but I rarely see them getting used. No, instead we just download all our documents from the internet. Yay. This is a royal pain, not only because of our internet speed, but the fact that the PDF readers and word processors on most devices are different, making it impossible to open or read the documents for certain kids. I would learn way better if I had physical, paper copies of the work or notes. Just because we CAN do it on our devices, doesn’t mean we SHOULD. Paper is a tried and true method, leave it at that.


Even though not connected to my previous paragraph, my Passion Project is to reach out and learn beside the professional theatre techs at Evergreen Cultural Centre. This will give me a great opportunity to expand my knowledge of the theatre, which can all be applied to create a better performance lighting wise back at Riverside.

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