Aboriginals & The Canadian Government

(Perspective/Ethical Judgement) Are Aboriginals treated like second class citizens in Canada? Use your understanding of history to explain why or why not

yes i do believe abouridginals are second class citizens. abouridgnals live in reserves where the government pays there taxes and supports them as if the goverment is there parents. most of the abouridgnals are now severe alcoholics from the rivid and scaring past they went through during there time at residential schools. the purpose of the residential schools where to “kill the indian in them”. the cathlic thought that if they learned there religon they would fit in with country and have the same opoutunities has the “white man”. but little did they know the sever damage they did to them.

uniting canadians

(Significance) What does the Canadian flag symbolize? How accurate of a symbol for Canada is it?

the Canadian flag consists of the red and white colour and the big red maple leafs. the colours are supposed to represent hope,prosperity,peace, tranquility and neutrality. the maple leaf represents  the cultural heritage of the nation and resources of canada.

the flag and its meaning shows the best representation of the country. a peacefull and prosper country with people of all race religion and sex accepting eachother as one. and our pride we have on our heritage of canada and there resources such as our lumber

lesson 4 WWII

Should we hold those who perpetrated the Holocaust accountable for their actions if they were following orders from an authority figure? Explain your thoughts.

yes i do feel like we should hold those  who perpetrated the Holocaust accountable for their actions because what they did was awful. but the side that we dont know if they where forced. the Nazis where known for having no sympathy for Jewish and killing them on the spot. maybe if a soldier backs down from a order is know identified as a traitor of the Nazi party and now taken sides from the Jewish. leaving them to kill there own soldiers. i still believe that they should be held accountable i just think they had no option to refuse as there life would be taken instead.

WWII lesson 3

as i was reading through this lesson i thought that the turning point of the war was when  japan made plans to take over the U.S and starting by bombing pearl harbour. this immediantly made the U.S join the allies on decmeber 8th and declare war on japan, and there allies germany and italy. i choise this part in the 2nd world war because now the u.s are involved  which acts like the final piece to the puzzle. the whole world is now at war with each other. making

lesson 2 WWII

it was right for the Canadian government to intern Japaneses Canadians during world war 2. instead only the Japanese Canadians that where committing crimes in support of the Japanese war effort should have been brought through the criminal justice system. if we where in a war at a country with heritage in Canada. we would not put them in camps because there are a citizen of Canada. although if one with the heritage of the country we are at war with commits a crime for there country will be put through the crime justice system