Wonder project

  My wonder question is why do autumn leaves change color.

The question has different meaning to me. I saw many trees make me think why leaves turned yellow in autumn. I research many times and I get three sub-question.

1.      What is photosynthesis and how is it work?

2.      Season just change color and what happened?

3.      What happened to leaves turn yellow and fall down?

The first sub-question, I get answer in a website call live science. Photosynthesis is the way to get energy from sun, water, and carbon dioxide from the air. These things can make glucose to get energy.

The second, I get answer in ASU a science website. The author is Richard K. Simpson. When sunlight wanes and leaves stop making food are most in autumn or winter.

So Chlorophyll will break down into colorless, and yellow pigments were revealed.

The final sub-question is What happened to leaves turn yellow and fall down?

It’s from UCSB. In winter, trees will don’t have energy so it will fall them leaves to save energy so why leaves will fall in winter.





My answer

The first, photosynthesis gets carbon dioxide and produced organisms

Chloroplast is an object inside the leaves cell.

The second question I think the temperature will change trees color

I think when the temperature decrease

, photosynthesis cannot easily to do.

And different varieties the color will not similar

Some leaves have red, yellow, or purple pigment.

When the winter trees wants to save more nutrients to survive in the winter so if the nutrients are enough trees will fall the leaves down because some winter doesn’t has sunlight.