Electric house project

This is a electric house, it included tree series circuit and one Complex circuit.

The house has two bedrooms,  a living room, and dinning room.

I used the clay to make some funiture.

The first question is to put the other light bulb in the series circiut and check the voltage of it, if the voltage increases that it can prove it is a series.

Second, you can put the voltmeter beside the bulbs, if you put the new one, it cannot change the voltage.

Third, if the battery is 9 volts, the bulbs voltage would be 4.5. These bulbs would be the volts of the battery divide by two.

Last question has two situation, one is unscrewing the bulb of series and the others bulbs volts would as same as the battery, other situation is unscrewing the bulbs of parallel, it would be two 4.5 volts light.


At the first day of it, I put the long wire and cut out the rubber part of the middle wire,and the lights don’t work. I analyze it and find the problem:  resistor. If the resistance is too big, the electrons would not pass it. Because of it, I reset of the cicuits and make all the lights bulbs work.