Pay it forward

This video are the 3 acts of kindness.


The first person is my grandmother, who is a deaf person and 80 years old. In the spring vacation, I went back to Taiwan to visit her. She is in the hospital bedroom. In the two weeks, I went to the hospital everyday and brought fruit for her. I thought the support for her just stayed around with her. Although she couldn’t pay it forward, it was also valuable.

The second person is Kevin, who is my math classmate. I always help him for the math question. When the last  day of report, he told me he got the A of the math. I’m very proud of myself.

The third person is my neighbour: Grace. She is a nice person. She usually chat with me in her house. I help her shoveling the snow around her car because she wants to go shopping by her car.  

After this project, I learned many thing on it, like social resposibilities. Although I hand the project late, I’m serious on it.