Electric house project

This is a electric house, it included tree series circuit and one Complex circuit.

The house has two bedrooms,  a living room, and dinning room.

I used the clay to make some funiture.

The first question is to put the other light bulb in the series circiut and check the voltage of it, if the voltage increases that it can prove it is a series.

Second, you can put the voltmeter beside the bulbs, if you put the new one, it cannot change the voltage.

Third, if the battery is 9 volts, the bulbs voltage would be 4.5. These bulbs would be the volts of the battery divide by two.

Last question has two situation, one is unscrewing the bulb of series and the others bulbs volts would as same as the battery, other situation is unscrewing the bulbs of parallel, it would be two 4.5 volts light.


At the first day of it, I put the long wire and cut out the rubber part of the middle wire,and the lights don’t work. I analyze it and find the problem:  resistor. If the resistance is too big, the electrons would not pass it. Because of it, I reset of the cicuits and make all the lights bulbs work.


When I read the article, I found some cons and pros in social media. Media can make people know the news quickly, but it also can change someone’s opinion. People just create the fake story, then make others people support him. I think it affects me because nobody knows the trust of the story, it makes people attack others on the internet just because the “click bait” article. In this article, James Galen wrote to many political posts with the same view and he may not even be a real person. In a different example, at least eight accounts were created that posted and attacked the city councilor and her supporters. In conclusion, I believed the social media is bad at politics.

Our stuff and the sphere mind map

My stuff of the sphere is a plastic bag.I choose this object because I see plastic bags wherever. I want to know what the plastic bags impact our life and how does it make. Some environment problem because of the plastic bags. I have some solution of reducing pollution. For example,  the personal solution is reusing the plastic bags, the large one is developing the bio-base plastic bag made of bioplastic resin pellets made of cellulose or starch as a base material.

After I did project, I prove my creative thinking. In this project you should use  your creative thinking to find the interaction of spheres. I draw many picture also by creative thinking. I think I did a great job on it.


Misleading Statistics is a good way to mislead the people. The point of this method is to snipper the best or the worst part. Because of this, people can’t see the other part of the thing. I learned about critical thinking from misleading statistics. I made me understand argument: thinking cannot just think the external.

Community Connection


What is the volunteer opportunity that you are researching in your community?

Our programs, research, training, tools, resources and national initiatives provide leadership on issues and trends in Canada’s volunteer landscape.

How could this volunteer opportunity benefit your future?

This unique and affordable group insurance program is designed specifically for non-profit and charitable organizations and their volunteers. Protect your organization with up to 30% off a group insurance plan, including National Directors’ and Officers’ Liability Insurance, a National Office Package and Special Events Coverage. 

Why are you passionate about getting involved within this field?

NO, I think now I don’t have enough strength to be a volunteer but when I have enough strength to be a volunteer I will be.




What is the employment opportunity that you are researching in your community?

Dishwasher, correctional officer, servers, police information check represent, etc.

How could this employment opportunity benefit your future?

This age, many employment opportunity will instead by robot like some labor in factory.

I think this period people needs some technology skill.

What kind of qualification would this opportunity require you to have?

You need some special skill for machine like mechanical, formula, etc.

What current skills and qualifications do you bring to the job?

I would like engineer, cartographer, architect.