Uniting Canadians

(Significance) What does the Canadian flag symbolize? How accurate of a symbol for Canada is it?

The Canadian flag we use today was designed on 1965. The old Canadian flag was a English flag on the right corner and a shield represented some industries on the left. There were a emotional debate between French and English Canadians. English Canadian wanted to keep the red color, which represented British, and French Canadian wanted the new flag, so the red and white colors with a big maple leaf flag have made. The new flag showed people Canada became an independent country.

Aboriginals & The Canadian Government

(Perspective/Ethical Judgement) Are Aboriginals treated like second class citizens in Canada? Use your understanding of history to explain why or why not

The government doesn’t treat aboriginals as same as second citizens. Aboriginals people are part of the first class citizens and having Aboriginals right to protect them. First class citizens can never have their citizenship taken away. On the other hand, Canadians with another nationality (and those who are eligible to obtain another nationality) now have second-class status, even if they were born in Canada: under Bill C-24, their citizenship can be stripped. In land claims, aboriginals peoples have their self-government and polices. 


Reflection #5: The End of WWII

(Perspective/Ethical Judgement) Do some research about how a war crime is defined (look at 2a, 2b i-x, xv-xx). With a household member, go through each war crimes definition and discuss whether or not America is guilty of this in using the atomic bomb. Come to a consensus on whether America should be considered guilty of a war crime in using the atomic bomb?

After reading the war crime, I believed American was guilty of using the atomic bomb. America against few rules in war crime. I discussed this with my parents and they said it wasn’t American’s fault because it’s “war”. Japanese was killing people on purpose, so American need to stop them by use the atomic bomb. I changed my mind after the discussion. I thought American know how dangerous atomic bomb is, but they still use it because they need to stop or end the war. American wasn’t guilty or not guilty because people always die during the war. We cannot judge American trying to stop Japanese’s act, but we can say it’s immoral for killing Japanese who are not soldiers.

Reflection #4: The Holocaust

(Ethical Judgement) In what ways does Sally Kohn’s TED Talk apply to the Holocaust? In what ways can it be applied to the increase of hate crimes reported during Covid-19? Is there a dangerous element of hate in our society today? If so, where does it exist and how do we remedy it? If not, why isn’t it dangerous?

In Sally Kohn’s Ted Talk, she gave an example of a terrorist Bassam. He tried to blow up an Israeli military, but he failed and stayed in prison for seven years. When he was in prison, people show him the holocaust video. When he saw the video, he broke down crying. She said people need to find the common ground and understand different groups of people in this world. Until now, there are 2million cases in the USA, and some Asian American get racist attack. Covid-19 make some people misunderstand other people. A important element of hate is self conscious. Some people think they are better than some groups of people, so they bullying other guys. The only way is make everyone know different kinds of people to decrease hatred.

Lesson 3: Canadians at Battle

(Cause & Consequence/Significance) What do you consider the turning point of the war? Explain with reference to a specific operation/battle.

I consider the turning point is the Allies victory in North Africa, and it makes the victory of battles at Sicily and Ortona. After the Normandy invasion, the allies constant fighting to expand their territories through France and Belgium toward Germany. Finally, Allies win the war in Europe and Hitler suicide in Berlin. The whole point is the victory in North Africa and make Allies can capture Italy and even enter Germany. Normandy invasion is also important because it is a big victory for Allies.


Reflection #2: The Homefront

(Significance) Virtual Tour:

After I explained the each pictures to my mom, I realize peace world I’m living is based on the wars before. In that period, every factory must to produce the military production like tanks, and the hospital was a little aircraft shelter. Because my parents are not Canadian, they don’t have too much feedback for the pictures. They only said the color of the pictures changed which meant the world is always changing. Most of scenes changed in the picture, but we still can see the structure of the historical building.

Reflection #1: Causes of WWII

Using examples from Lesson #1, what conditions seem to bring rise to dictatorships?

After the economic crisis, all countries need a charismatic leader to solve their countries woes. For example, Italy suffered chaotic economic and political conditions. Benito Mussolini established the Fascist Party to emphasized nationalism. The new party found supported in the government and with the middle class, and he created the Blackshirts gang by attacking communists and socialists. Like Italy, Germany also suffered in similar condition. Many Germans wated a leader who can solve problems. In 1920, Adolf Hitler joined the National Socialists German Workers’ Party which was Nazi and he became the leader in the next year.

Reflection #2: Canada in the Great Depression

(Perspective/Evidence) Read over the Letters to Bennett. Which was your favourite letter to Bennett and why?

The litter by Elizabeth Ratray is my favorite letters because the boys need to help just her neighbor not her family. She is kind because the mail is not asking to help herself and she is also the “unfortunately” person. I think in that bad period you have a helpful heartful heart is not that easy. The person who replied that letter gave 20 dollars to make those kids have a great Christmas touches my heart.