Causes of WW1

Ethical Judgement: Who is responsible for starting WWI? Explain using specific details from history.

Before the WW1, the Austro-Hungarian Empire sent its prince Ferdinand to Sarajevo to demostrate its imperialism. The visit gave the Black Hand an oppotunity to kill him. This is the trigger of the WW1, but it’s not the reason for causing the war. Even Ferdinand didn’t visit Sarajevo, these countries still will fight by other reasons. I believe Germany is responsible for starting WW1 because Germany gave the Blank Cheque to support Austria hungary and declared war on Russia and France from their militarism and imperialism. Every countries has the responsible for it but Germany has the more responsible for it.

Ways to make change

What benefits and drawbacks of each type of change (petitions, lobbying, civil disobedience) should you consider before using it?

I think these three changes have different sevirity because nobody would demonstrate for something they don’t really care. I only will consider before using civil disobedience because it means you breaking the laws. In the constitution, the petition and lobbying are the part of our freedom, so you don’t need to consider too much to do it. I think civil disobienece is not wrong(everyone has their own reason), but I won’t use it expect some law can directly influence my life.


What are some alternative systems and in what ways are they better or worse than our current system?

Now the British Columbia currently uses the FPTP which is first past the post. I think FPTP is a great way but it’s not the best. I believe mixed member proportional is better than FPTP because it comine the advantages of FPTP and proportional representation. I think the proportional representation has a huge problem which is the representative might not realize the local things or the civil doesn’t like their representative, so the mixed member proportional is the best way for the BC elections.

Legislative & Executive Branches

Evidence: Are the different positions (MP, Senator, PM, Cabinet, GG) compensated appropriately? Explain why or why not

Members of the house of commons get $178900 per year in 2019. The duties of them are legislating in parliament, representating their political parties, and serving their constituents needs. I think their salaries are suited to their position because they have many pressures on representating and serving the citizens. Prime minister gets $178900 per year plus the MP’s salary. The prime minister needs to represent Canada and sets the policy direction. I believe the duty and pressure are more 2 times than the MPs, so I think the Prime minister should gets more money than now. Ministers have $85000 plus the MP’s salary. Every minister have different position like economic development, immigration or agriculture. They need to draft the public policy accord to their positions. I think the ministers are suited to their salaries because their just need to manage one types of the industry of Canada. The basic senators get $153900 a year. I think the senator should get less pay than now because they do the less work too much than the MPs. Governor general can get $294600 a year. The governor general just represent the queen to make the decisions. I think Governor general have the least work to do, so they shouldn’t have too much pay if he isn’t the representative of the queen. I believe the governor general’s salary is suited to his position because he is represent the whole Canada. 





Foundations of Canadian Goverment

Significance: How does Canada protect us from an autocracy? (Representative Democracy, Constitutional Monarchy, Unwritten constitution, Federal system, Parliamentary system)


Representative Democracy: Government powers are spread out between 338 representatives, so citizens can vote the representatives to speak to them.

Constitutional Monarchy: The monarchy is limited by constitution, so it can protect us from monarchy control whole power. 

Unwritten constitution: Responsible government protect us from the governor general taking full control

Federal system: Helps to seperate powers between provincial and central governments.

Parliamentary system: Divides the powers managing the country, making laws, and judging laws which are the executive, legislature, and judicial.

My values and Politics

Ethical Judgement: Which political ideologies do you agree with most and least? Provide examples of how they align or misalign with your beliefs..

  1. I agree the liberalism the most because liberalism have democracy and not much “equal” in this belief. I belief everyone is seperated even you are at same country, and the liberalism can make people have freedom. People can have the freedom on wealthy or laws. They don’t need to pay the money on someone they don’t recognize.
  2.  I agree the communism the least because communism have too much “equal” or “fair” on everything. I cannot agree people cannot have they own property. I belief everyone is different, and we do not need to use the policy to make people become the same shape.