Our stuff and the sphere mind map

My stuff of the sphere is a plastic bag.I choose this object because I see plastic bags wherever. I want to know what the plastic bags impact our life and how does it make. Some environment problem because of the plastic bags. I have some solution of reducing pollution. For example,  the personal solution is reusing the plastic bags, the large one is developing the bio-base plastic bag made of bioplastic resin pellets made of cellulose or starch as a base material.

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After I did project, I prove my creative thinking. In this project you should use  your creative thinking to find the interaction of spheres. I draw many picture also by creative thinking. I think I did a great job on it.

Core competencies- Acdemic Strategies2

This week, we watched a movie named pay it forward. This is talked about everyone pay love forward. I thought the elements of the movie is good, but it has some weird.  In this activity, you should make a videos talk about three people you try to helped. Three person would be neighbours, family, and school person. And tell them also helps three people and pay it foward. This activity is a good way to improve the social responsibiity. Because of this course, I help three people and make them help more people. 

Core competencies- Academic Strategies 1

Last day, we had a activity name lit circle. Everyone sit around and talked about he’s books. We have chosen the book in the library for 2 months, so we almost read the whole book. My book named Bear Grylls is an adventure book. It’s talked about an adventurer with children. The story is happened on a island in summer. I liked this book because the charater can made me felt happy. In this activity, I leaned the communitication with person and how to use a few minutes to descibe a story. I think this is a important skill because the express ability can do many thing like presentation. After this class, I have proved my communication with my classmates.

Core Competent Canadians








Before doing one of the core competencies, I didn’t know what it is about.

After doing this, I have learned that it does reflect on the work directly.

Core competencies will help me in my school or my life . By do that, it strengthens my communication and critical thinking skills which I will be using for my life