Reflection #5: The End of WWII

(Perspective/Ethical Judgement) Do some research about how a war crime is defined (look at 2a, 2b i-x, xv-xx). With a household member, go through each war crimes definition and discuss whether or not America is guilty of this in using the atomic bomb. Come to a consensus on whether America should be considered guilty of a war crime in using the atomic bomb?

After reading the war crime, I believed American was guilty of using the atomic bomb. America against few rules in war crime. I discussed this with my parents and they said it wasn’t American’s fault because it’s “war”. Japanese was killing people on purpose, so American need to stop them by use the atomic bomb. I changed my mind after the discussion. I thought American know how dangerous atomic bomb is, but they still use it because they need to stop or end the war. American wasn’t guilty or not guilty because people always die during the war. We cannot judge American trying to stop Japanese’s act, but we can say it’s immoral for killing Japanese who are not soldiers.

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