Reflection #4: The Holocaust

(Ethical Judgement) In what ways does Sally Kohn’s TED Talk apply to the Holocaust? In what ways can it be applied to the increase of hate crimes reported during Covid-19? Is there a dangerous element of hate in our society today? If so, where does it exist and how do we remedy it? If not, why isn’t it dangerous?

In Sally Kohn’s Ted Talk, she gave an example of a terrorist Bassam. He tried to blow up an Israeli military, but he failed and stayed in prison for seven years. When he was in prison, people show him the holocaust video. When he saw the video, he broke down crying. She said people need to find the common ground and understand different groups of people in this world. Until now, there are 2million cases in the USA, and some Asian American get racist attack. Covid-19 make some people misunderstand other people. A important element of hate is self conscious. Some people think they are better than some groups of people, so they bullying other guys. The only way is make everyone know different kinds of people to decrease hatred.

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