Legislative & Executive Branches

Evidence: Are the different positions (MP, Senator, PM, Cabinet, GG) compensated appropriately? Explain why or why not

Members of the house of commons get $178900 per year in 2019. The duties of them are legislating in parliament, representating their political parties, and serving their constituents needs. I think their salaries are suited to their position because they have many pressures on representating and serving the citizens. Prime minister gets $178900 per year plus the MP’s salary. The prime minister needs to represent Canada and sets the policy direction. I believe the duty and pressure are more 2 times than the MPs, so I think the Prime minister should gets more money than now. Ministers have $85000 plus the MP’s salary. Every minister have different position like economic development, immigration or agriculture. They need to draft the public policy accord to their positions. I think the ministers are suited to their salaries because their just need to manage one types of the industry of Canada. The basic senators get $153900 a year. I think the senator should get less pay than now because they do the less work too much than the MPs. Governor general can get $294600 a year. The governor general just represent the queen to make the decisions. I think Governor general have the least work to do, so they shouldn’t have too much pay if he isn’t the representative of the queen. I believe the governor general’s salary is suited to his position because he is represent the whole Canada. 





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