Sugar Asessment

  • McDonalds medium Coke: 56g of sugar per 570ml
  • Gatorade G2: 567ml contains 12g of sugar
  • Rockstar energy drink: 29.4g of sugar per 240ml
  • Mountain dew can of pop: 77g of sugar per 590ml
  • Mars bar: 20.8 grams of sugar per a 36g bar
  • Fruit gushers: 13g of sugar per 25g
  • Junior chicken sandwich: 5g of sugar per sandwich
  • Strawberries: 4.9g of sugar per 100g

I was surprised by almost all of these knowing there is 4g per 1 teaspoon. All of these have quite a lot of sugar. especially Mountain dew. I was surprised and for sure not going to have mountain dew again. It also shows me how bad processed foods are and to try and make my own food more often.

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