Term 1 Reflection

Term 1 Reflection

In the first semester of math I felt I did alright, but there were some things I felt I needed to do better on. When there was homework assigned I did most of it, but there were some days were I slacked and didn’t do it because I felt it wasn’t worth my time. I then realized that homework helps me understand the work better and it would help me get a better mark. I also realized I was slacking with studying for the tests and quizzes and didn’t realize how big they were towards my letter grade. Overall I felt I was lacking some effort in a lot of things. Something I felt I did good at in the first semester was that I focused and payed attention during class so I would know what to do when we were assigned work instead of being blanked out and not knowing what to do. Whenever I felt I was doing something wrong I would ask the teacher just to be sure my answer is correct or to correct me if im wrong so I know the proper way to do it. That’s my reflection for the first semester.

For the next semester, there are things I would like to achieve. To stop lacking with effort and put a lot time and effort into this class because I feel it Is a class I should be doing well on. When the class is working on homework I would like to stop getting distracted so easily so that I could finish my work. Lastly I want to just do better on everything possible so that I can do better in this class and do better for others in the class.

Benito Reed


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