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The challenge we faced was to try and find the exact correct answer to our questions, especially ones connecting to chemistry. Some were confusing like “What kind of compound is synthetic rubber?” Those questions we had to dig deeper, find multiple different answers and find out a material in synthetic rubber has a compound. Digging deeper helped us find an answer, but that was the challenge we faced.

Discover: Here are some off our questions we had.

  • What elements are in synthetic rubber?
  • What kind of compound is synthetic rubber?
  • Are there different kind of synthetic rubbers?
  • What are the properties of synthetic rubber?
  • What are the starting materials?
  • Where do the materials come from?
  • Are the materials natural or produced?
  • What else is synthetic rubber used for?
  • How long does it take to break down?


We researched the answers to our questions then put them in a Piktochart poster.


All in all, the project finished was not so bad, we split our questions evenly and then answered them. We got strait into work to get a head start.  I feel we needed to work more as a group and to show more care in the group. My group member did not help  out or keep in contact to answer any questions. I was not able to complete the whole project because my group member did not share his answers with me.



As a small group at the start we decided to get right into the project because it would give us more time to add detail, stay focused and maybe even finish early.


To complete the project effectively we decided to research three different groups. This way we knew multiple facts about synthetic rubber.

  1. How does synthetic rubber connect to chemistry?
  2. How does synthetic rubber connect to the environment?
  3. What is it used for?


We put our answers in a Piktochart poster to show all off our questions answered and show pictures to make it look more interesting.


The project turned out good, We worked hard and asked each other questions when we needed. I do hope next time to have better communications skills with my group, I tried contacting my partner and he would not pickup. That’s one thing I hope to improve on.


I tried my hardest to complete this project and reflection but I wasn’t able to do the whole thing because my partner was absent and wasn’t sharing his answers with me and our communication was bad because he would not answer me when I tried to communicate.







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