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TOKTW alternate assignment

MATH 9 HEALTH AND CAREER EDUCATION: CAREER EXPLORATIONS Researching a Career or Job in the Career Resource Centre
Name Ben C Block A
Career or Job CTO of a programming company
Write a brief job description.
The job is to manage a team of programmers and to help them write code.

Where did you get this information?
My dad
What education or training is required for this career or job?
A degree for computer science/programming
Where can you get this education or training? Identify at least two places.
BCIT and Douglas college
What are the entrance requirements to one of the educational institutions that you identified?
You have to pass your courses in high school
What is an option if you cannot meet the entrance requirements or are not interested in attending university?
You can become a programmer
Identify the average salary or wage for the career or job (indicate if the information is not available).
200,000 per year
What are the opportunities or future prospects for the career or job (indicate if the information is not available)?
CEO of a programming company

Identify three other related careers or jobs in the same area.
Programmer, CEO, and CFO

Explain what you have learned as a result of the career or job search process.
I have learned more