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TOKTW alternate assignment

MATH 9 HEALTH AND CAREER EDUCATION: CAREER EXPLORATIONS Researching a Career or Job in the Career Resource Centre
Name Ben C Block A
Career or Job CTO of a programming company
Write a brief job description.
The job is to manage a team of programmers and to help them write code.

Where did you get this information?
My dad
What education or training is required for this career or job?
A degree for computer science/programming
Where can you get this education or training? Identify at least two places.
BCIT and Douglas college
What are the entrance requirements to one of the educational institutions that you identified?
You have to pass your courses in high school
What is an option if you cannot meet the entrance requirements or are not interested in attending university?
You can become a programmer
Identify the average salary or wage for the career or job (indicate if the information is not available).
200,000 per year
What are the opportunities or future prospects for the career or job (indicate if the information is not available)?
CEO of a programming company

Identify three other related careers or jobs in the same area.
Programmer, CEO, and CFO

Explain what you have learned as a result of the career or job search process.
I have learned more

Supernatural riverside video – Connor L. And Ben C.

This is a supernatural riverside video about how littering affects salmon in the Coquitlam river. It also shows why salmon are important to the ecosystem. Our target audience is riverside students



Connor and I worked on this project without too many problems. We easily could work together without arguing or other problem. I think we also had similar visions for what we wanted to do. We split the research pretty evenly between ourselves we got 3 sources each. When we filmed we were always doing it together so the filming was a shared job. We split the editing between ourselves. I did the narration, but we both put the clips and the text in fairly evenly between us.


Principles of flight

Part 1


part 2


1. maximum height 16860760 meters thrust 400 newtons thrust time 1000 seconds

2. gravity is pulling the ship towards to moon and earth

3. the resistance of a object in a fluid like air or water

4. 430 settings were cone, nose 3 oz, body 4 oz, tail 9 oz, water 35 oz, psi 140

part 3

I estimated the height of my rocket would be about 10 feet but it exceeded my expectations by going 20 feet high

I think the reason it went higher than my expectations was because of the placement of fins and putting extra water in the bottle

my rocket went straight up because of all of the stabilizing fins I used

i liked doing it alone it allowed to be more creative.

i think adding water benefited the rocket a lot

the rocket would rise forever at the same speed

Where there is no one near the rocket in case it explodes

not all of the design would be based on propulsion

No might just get more reliable

How much fuel they need compared to how much cargo they need

The Veldt continued

“Yes that would be nice” said Mr. McLean. The therapist wondered what the lions were eating. He looked at the children and thought they couldn’t have. The children starred at him while eating. Mr. McLean asked again “where are your parents they should be here by now. The children said “I’m sure they will be back shortly don’t worry”. A few moments later the children said to Mr. McLean “we’re bored would you like to play a game.” The therapist became uncomfortable and said “sure” nervously.

The children told Mr. McLean that the game that they wanted to play was hide and seek. Mr. McLean agreed. The daughter tagged Mr. McLean and said “wait 30 seconds.” The children ran off. After he had finished counting he went to the nursery, assuming they were there. He was hesitant to step in but he thought it was silly to be scared of mere children so he walked in. He stepped in looking around the veldt but he could not find the children he quickly looked back as he heard a startling sound it was the door, it had been closed.