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Supernatural riverside video – Connor L. And Ben C.

This is a supernatural riverside video about how littering affects salmon in the Coquitlam river. It also shows why salmon are important to the ecosystem. Our target audience is riverside students



Connor and I worked on this project without too many problems. We easily could work together without arguing or other problem. I think we also had similar visions for what we wanted to do. We split the research pretty evenly between ourselves we got 3 sources each. When we filmed we were always doing it together so the filming was a shared job. We split the editing between ourselves. I did the narration, but we both put the clips and the text in fairly evenly between us.


Wonder research project – what if gravity on earth disappeared

I want to know what would happen if gravity suddenly dropped on earth. In my research for this project I found out how gravity works and how it keeps the earth together. If the earths gravity. Suddenly disappeared the earth would be without a force to counter the lower pressure of space. So if gravity was suddenly taken away the pressure would want to equalize. This means the atmosphere would be the first to be sucked out of the planet. Soon following the oceans and lakes. earth could even be ripped apart without gravity keeping it together. All animals on earth would  have horrible death with their fluids and gases all expended at once. The plants would also die quickly without an atmosphere to keep them alive. That is what I have learned about how the earth would fair without gravity.


1. What questions did you need to research in order to research your topic?

I researched how gravity works, how pressure works, and how gravity counters spaces pressure.

2. What new or familiar digital tools did you use making this project?

This project I used destiny to look for my information.

3. What was the process that was used to investigate your topic?

I looked for reliable resources took the primary sources and expanded from that.

4. How did you verify the information that you found?

I went through destiny a approved source by the school district for factual information.

5. how did the process of completing this challenge go?  Could you have done better?

I found this project challenging for me. It was hard to find the right information and put that in my own writing. I feel I could’ve have done better if I had known where to look for information earlier.