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Core competencies- substance abuse unit

Self reflection core competencies

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This unit in substance abuse has taught me about self regulation. I thought the reflections and activities we did throughout the unit was great in explaining how to deal and manage self regulation. This is shown by teaching us what the consequences of drugs can be. This gave us more information to make a more informative decision. Making it easier to resist and self regulate when we are making decisions related to drugs and alcohol. A tactic I learned to self regulate and resist substance abuse or any addiction is to play a game or watch tv shows, this would keep my mind off of  what I had wanted.

Community connection alternate assignment

Beyond the bell is a volunteer program that is provided for kids that want to play sports as an alternative of daycare. I was in this program in elementary it’s a great volunteer opportunity and I would be perfect in this program helping the kids.

The Safeway cashier job is a job that takes minimal brain power and minimal physical strain. I have a job cleaning up a sheet metal shop in Burnaby, I can easily handle being a cashier. The job is open for part time. I feel I could do this job very well.


Beyond the Bell