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TOKTW alternate assignment

MATH 9 HEALTH AND CAREER EDUCATION: CAREER EXPLORATIONS Researching a Career or Job in the Career Resource Centre
Name Ben C Block A
Career or Job CTO of a programming company
Write a brief job description.
The job is to manage a team of programmers and to help them write code.

Where did you get this information?
My dad
What education or training is required for this career or job?
A degree for computer science/programming
Where can you get this education or training? Identify at least two places.
BCIT and Douglas college
What are the entrance requirements to one of the educational institutions that you identified?
You have to pass your courses in high school
What is an option if you cannot meet the entrance requirements or are not interested in attending university?
You can become a programmer
Identify the average salary or wage for the career or job (indicate if the information is not available).
200,000 per year
What are the opportunities or future prospects for the career or job (indicate if the information is not available)?
CEO of a programming company

Identify three other related careers or jobs in the same area.
Programmer, CEO, and CFO

Explain what you have learned as a result of the career or job search process.
I have learned more

Supernatural riverside video – Connor L. And Ben C.

This is a supernatural riverside video about how littering affects salmon in the Coquitlam river. It also shows why salmon are important to the ecosystem. Our target audience is riverside students



Connor and I worked on this project without too many problems. We easily could work together without arguing or other problem. I think we also had similar visions for what we wanted to do. We split the research pretty evenly between ourselves we got 3 sources each. When we filmed we were always doing it together so the filming was a shared job. We split the editing between ourselves. I did the narration, but we both put the clips and the text in fairly evenly between us.


Principles of flight

Part 1


part 2


1. maximum height 16860760 meters thrust 400 newtons thrust time 1000 seconds

2. gravity is pulling the ship towards to moon and earth

3. the resistance of a object in a fluid like air or water

4. 430 settings were cone, nose 3 oz, body 4 oz, tail 9 oz, water 35 oz, psi 140

part 3

I estimated the height of my rocket would be about 10 feet but it exceeded my expectations by going 20 feet high

I think the reason it went higher than my expectations was because of the placement of fins and putting extra water in the bottle

my rocket went straight up because of all of the stabilizing fins I used

i liked doing it alone it allowed to be more creative.

i think adding water benefited the rocket a lot

the rocket would rise forever at the same speed

Where there is no one near the rocket in case it explodes

not all of the design would be based on propulsion

No might just get more reliable

How much fuel they need compared to how much cargo they need

Core competencies- substance abuse unit

Self reflection core competencies

(The PDF and word doc doesn’t work on iPad)

This unit in substance abuse has taught me about self regulation. I thought the reflections and activities we did throughout the unit was great in explaining how to deal and manage self regulation. This is shown by teaching us what the consequences of drugs can be. This gave us more information to make a more informative decision. Making it easier to resist and self regulate when we are making decisions related to drugs and alcohol. A tactic I learned to self regulate and resist substance abuse or any addiction is to play a game or watch tv shows, this would keep my mind off of  what I had wanted.

Wonder research project – what if gravity on earth disappeared

I want to know what would happen if gravity suddenly dropped on earth. In my research for this project I found out how gravity works and how it keeps the earth together. If the earths gravity. Suddenly disappeared the earth would be without a force to counter the lower pressure of space. So if gravity was suddenly taken away the pressure would want to equalize. This means the atmosphere would be the first to be sucked out of the planet. Soon following the oceans and lakes. earth could even be ripped apart without gravity keeping it together. All animals on earth would  have horrible death with their fluids and gases all expended at once. The plants would also die quickly without an atmosphere to keep them alive. That is what I have learned about how the earth would fair without gravity.


1. What questions did you need to research in order to research your topic?

I researched how gravity works, how pressure works, and how gravity counters spaces pressure.

2. What new or familiar digital tools did you use making this project?

This project I used destiny to look for my information.

3. What was the process that was used to investigate your topic?

I looked for reliable resources took the primary sources and expanded from that.

4. How did you verify the information that you found?

I went through destiny a approved source by the school district for factual information.

5. how did the process of completing this challenge go?  Could you have done better?

I found this project challenging for me. It was hard to find the right information and put that in my own writing. I feel I could’ve have done better if I had known where to look for information earlier.

Community connection alternate assignment

Beyond the bell is a volunteer program that is provided for kids that want to play sports as an alternative of daycare. I was in this program in elementary it’s a great volunteer opportunity and I would be perfect in this program helping the kids.

The Safeway cashier job is a job that takes minimal brain power and minimal physical strain. I have a job cleaning up a sheet metal shop in Burnaby, I can easily handle being a cashier. The job is open for part time. I feel I could do this job very well.


Beyond the Bell

A midsummer nights dream love advice assignment

Pick one of the main characters involved in a love’s quarrel. Your assignment is to write an advice column to one of the characters. What advice would you give Hermia, Lysander, Demetrius, Helena, Oberon and Titania to avoid another problem like this in the future? Your paragraph should be 7-9 sentences long.

Helena you should give in to Demetrius calls. You should trust him not to be joking. I’m sure Lysander would not play such a cruel joke on you. Helena also wouldn’t have done this. You had been friends from when you were girls. There is no need to fight with Hermia. Don’t blame her.

Cause and Effect – English 9 Shakespeare

Cause and Effect
Write a supernatural weather report. In your own words, describe one or more of the
disastrous weather conditions around the world, such as a recent hurricane or earthquake.
Then explain the cause in detail: the quarrel between Oberon and Titania.

When hurricane Harvey came to North America Oberon and Titania were fighting over the Indian boy. In the middle of the night Oberon came to take the boy. The next morning when Titania noticed he was gone she was so angry she created hurricane Harvey