Population and climate change reflection

In the last we have learned about things like birth rates compared to poverty, the poverty cycle, how to reduce food waste, and more. I liked learning about climate change more. It was interesting to see how many tons of greenhouse gases certain industries produce. Some ways we created greenhouse gases was indirect by buying electricity from places like the US and Alberta and I thought that was interesting. In general I liked this unit, but there were things that I thought were useless to learn. For example we were taught about what we can recycle. On the surface this seems like a good idea, but I think people don’t change without consequences or insensitives and educating people about this won’t make them recycle. Even if this had gotten more people to recycle the waste a from average people created in a household is such a tiny percentage of our waste and if all of us recycled perfectly it would be a positive but I think we should focus on bigger contributors to greenhouse gases and waste.

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