What is the best voting system?

Currently in Canada we have a first past the post voting system. I like the current system and I think it has a lot of benefits. One thing that it does well are representing ridings better than other systems. Each riding always has the representative that is best aligned with majority of the people’s beliefs. These individual representatives make up a bigger government. Each representative will push for what their riding wants. I think this is fair because ridings will get better representation in government than other voting systems. A downside is that it is possible that a portion of the population votes for one party but they are not represented proportionally in ridings won.

Another voting system is mixed-member proportional this is a system where there are elements of first past the post and proportional representation. If not first past the post I would choose this system because it is better than first past the post for total representation of the country but it’s not as good at riding representation. It would make it so MLA’s would be voted in by people voting for their party as well as being voted in from their riding. However it is a compromise between the two and I think that the first past the post system represents the country well enough while also doing the best job of representing ridings.

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