Principles of flight

Part 1


part 2


1. maximum height 16860760 meters thrust 400 newtons thrust time 1000 seconds

2. gravity is pulling the ship towards to moon and earth

3. the resistance of a object in a fluid like air or water

4. 430 settings were cone, nose 3 oz, body 4 oz, tail 9 oz, water 35 oz, psi 140

part 3

I estimated the height of my rocket would be about 10 feet but it exceeded my expectations by going 20 feet high

I think the reason it went higher than my expectations was because of the placement of fins and putting extra water in the bottle

my rocket went straight up because of all of the stabilizing fins I used

i liked doing it alone it allowed to be more creative.

i think adding water benefited the rocket a lot

the rocket would rise forever at the same speed

Where there is no one near the rocket in case it explodes

not all of the design would be based on propulsion

No might just get more reliable

How much fuel they need compared to how much cargo they need

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