Journal project Zomboy

Zomboy journal project
Journal entry 1
It is the first day of school. The worst Tuesday of the year. At the beginning of the day after I walked to school with evil-o I saw a school bus, it was weird because most kids walk or bike to school. I thought there might be a new student. I saw it again but I could almost see a person inside this time. Later in class buz announces that there is a new student. His name is Imre Lazar. Evil-o got him to sit beside us and she introduced me to him. Ms. Eiger said he went through a hard time before he came here. On the way home I asked Evil-o what she thought his “hard time” was. I didn’t get an answer. Imre was kinda weird, he eats like a animal he’s worse than my baby cousin who stuck her face in the cake to eat it. Evil-o asked if I liked Imre I did not at all but I said “he’s great” instead. I don’t like how Evil-o is taking an interest in Imre. I don’t know why, I mean she still likes me as well. I just don’t like the change. The butter cookies did make me feel better though

Journal entry 2
It turns out Imre is kind of funny, but I’m no his friend. When evil-o looks at him all caring, I feel like throwing up. At dinner I wanted to talk to my parents about it but they had to go to poetry. Before they left I asked my mom “do I have too like everyone”. She said I should try too. I told them that there is a kid in my class that I don’t like, but evil-o likes him, a lot (I emphasized a lot). I didn’t get an answer. The next morning I noticed the halls were busier than usual it was take your parent to school day. I heard a rumbling I was in disbelief when the school piano came rolling right to us. The janitor was yelling at us to get out of the way. The rumbling got louder as is came towards us until, smash. Evil-o screamed “Imre”. I thought “oh” I looked over Imre standing there completely fine, shaking the dust of of himself with the piano in half. I didn’t understand what had happened. It was like Imre had walked away from a plane crash. Even Calvin was scared. When the nurse checked on Imre she said that she couldn’t find a pulse. We later found out that Imre is dead.

Journal entry 3
This story got out faster than it takes you to get wet when you jump in a pool. They call it pedes mortuus or walking dead syndrome. At breakfast time I asked my dad about how I should deal with Imre. I told him he was the dead kid. He told me you just always have to deal with things, it didn’t make me any more comfortable. When I walked into school we were put in the gym I noticed a few people from my class weren’t here. Buz started too talk to the school he said “now that you know Imres secret I can fill you in.” He to us that Imre was the sole survivor of a nuclear radiation leak in Fort sterling last year. Buz told us even Imres parents died. He told us we should accept his difference and that it was like being short or tall, it’s all surface. I was upset, more than upset. To know the person who sits right beside me is a zombie. I wanted to tell Evil-o I told u so. She would not meet my eye line. Anyways I was to upset to enjoy being right. I checked my pulse. It was beating 280 times a minute. Which was 280 more times than Imre’s.

Journal entry 4
People might think I should feel sorry for this kid. It’s like he’s just a kid with special needs or a broken leg or a hearing aid or something. No, Imre is dangerous. I mean he didn’t bite anyone but it could be tomorrow or the next day no one can know. Evil-o was mad at me for not liking Imre. I kept seeing the headlines about Imre everywhere. Gezink asked me about Evil-o. He noticed we weren’t sitting together. I told him that we’re still friends. Gezink said “I bet Evil-o likes him a lot” I told Gezink to shut up. I noticed a lot of parents outside protesting about Imre the signs said “SAVE OUR SCHOOLS. SAVE OUR KIDS” a couple of them said “NO ZOMBIES”. 4 police cars were sitting outside, yesterday there was only 2. So many newscasters as well. I held gezink’s protest sign for a minute, but I didn’t know it was a protest sign. Evil-o looked at me with a look I will never forget. It was like I betrayed, even worse than betrayed, but before I could do anything the bell rang and I had to line up.

Journal entry 5
I haven’t been writing in my journal for the last while, I have just been too stressed out lately. With
Evil-o thinking I’m a racist and not talking to me, my parents being mad at me for not accepting Imre, and Calvin. Imre saved me twice and Evil-o wanted to be friends with me again. I realized Imre isn’t that bad so I decided to give it a try. My mom had him and Evil-o over for dinner. After dinner I suggested that Imre should be class president half joking but Evil-o thought it was a great idea. I didn’t think so but she was sure of it. We told Imre about how he should be school president. Evil-o came up with a crazy idea about how we would get Imre too look cool so he could get elected. She wanted him to lift a bus. It was crazy I remember not seeing Imre but the people’s reaction when he lifted that bus. The awe in people’s eyes, people would talk about that forever.

Journal entry 6
There was a meeting at the Dresden town hall about Imre. The parents were concerned about Imre. If he was dangerous or not. Imre’s doctor Dr. Bernstein said that Imre was a zero risk patient. The parents were still sceptical. The next day at school we were talking about the class president. Ms. Eiger was being mean to Imre making fun of his ability to spell. Trying to get people to vote for some one else. Evil-o defended Imre. Suzan made her speech but was interrupted by a hornet coming right for her. The hornet then went to Ms. Eiger and stung her. Soon after it went to Imre but Imre didn’t even flinch the hornet was there then it was gone he swallowed the whole hornet. People thought that was awesome. Imre soon became liked among people. People would come up to him saying that they had seen him on tv. Kids even told him that they wanted to be like him. Later the speaker came on saying for Imre, Evil-o, and I to be sent down to the office. When we got to the office Mr. buz told us CBC wanted to know more about Imre’s 2 friends Evil-o and I. When we got to buz’s office the head of CBC programming sprung up very excited and shook our hands. Here they are the best friends.

Journal entry 7
The man told us that CBC wanted to do a full report on us and follow us around for a few days. I did not like that. It was really awkward I didn’t know how to be natural on camera. CBC wanted us to go to Imres house so they could film us there. Imre said Dr. Bernstein was worried we would ruin his experiments. That made me gulp. School was over and we were waiting for Imres bus outside the school. His bus came and we left. Imres house is some farmhouse in the middle of nowhere. Dr. Bernstein was really creepy he asked Evil-o if she wanted dog food. He stared us down, he wanted us to go away. CBC filmed us talking about the election and stuff. They had us all do interviews mine did not go well. It was so bad the CBC crew stopped filming us that night. I heard a growling at Imres house in one of the rooms. The doctor said “no, Kato no”. I asked Imre if Kato was his dog or something it he did not reply. I asked him if Kato was dangerous as well, Imre just said “please bob”. A few moments later we left to go back home.

Journal entry 8
The buzzards coach noticed how strong Imre was and wanted him to join the football team. He thought about it for a while and decided to do it. Evil-o and I went to his first game. The whole game was neck and neck until the other team was only a few points ahead at the very end of the game. The buzzards coach finally gave the ball to Imre he ran through everyone like they were nothing. When he got to the end zone you could see Imre but he didn’t have the ball or his hand. The ball stayed in his fallen off hand. The ref declared it was a touchdown. Evil-o and I were very excited for Imre. We congratulated him afterwards but I got a little too excited because I called Calvin’s brother who is on the losing team and basically a giant, burnt toast he didn’t like that. But he thought Imre said it not me so I was safe. Afterwards we drove home. My mom said she did not like football and that it’s too violent. The next day was Election Day and Imre won with a landslide.

Journal entry 9
Everything was normal for a while until the Halloween dance the dance was normal but later we found Calvin actually sad and apologetic for what he had done to us. He said Luther his brother was gonna get revenge on Imre by torching his house. I could tell Imre was worried about Kato. We quickly stole some bikes off the bike rack which we usually wouldn’t do but this was an emergency. We went as fast as we could. When we got there the house wasn’t on fire. We went inside there was gas on the floor. We found Dr. Bernstein in a pool of blood he told us not to help him or the others and that they were doomed. I realized kato bit Dr Bernstein and maybe the others. Kato was a real zombie. Evil-o and I looked for weapons to defend ourselves we found a tranquilizer gun. We went around the house Imre had left to look for Kato. We saw Luther and his friend both zombies we ran upstairs into Imres room. Later someone came into the room I instinctively shot but it was Imre and we only had 1 bullet. Evil-o was disappointed. I didn’t know what to do until I saw Imres window. We decided to drop Imre down then we would climb down. After we made it outside kato jumped on Evil-o. Imre woke and controlled Kato but not until kato broke Evil-o’s hand and fainted. Imre and I talked he said he had to take Kato away so the army didn’t get her again I understood why. We said goodbye and he left through the field. Just then the power line fell onto Imre’s house, it lit on fire, killing all the zombies inside. I heard a helicopter overhead. The next thing I remember is me in a hospital bed, with evil-o right beside me.

Quotes – I feel every parent should read this to their child – Aron

I really did feel it was the actual character writing them – anonymous

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