The Veldt continued

“Yes that would be nice” said Mr. McLean. The therapist wondered what the lions were eating. He looked at the children and thought they couldn’t have. The children starred at him while eating. Mr. McLean asked again “where are your parents they should be here by now. The children said “I’m sure they will be back shortly don’t worry”. A few moments later the children said to Mr. McLean “we’re bored would you like to play a game.” The therapist became uncomfortable and said “sure” nervously.

The children told Mr. McLean that the game that they wanted to play was hide and seek. Mr. McLean agreed. The daughter tagged Mr. McLean and said “wait 30 seconds.” The children ran off. After he had finished counting he went to the nursery, assuming they were there. He was hesitant to step in but he thought it was silly to be scared of mere children so he walked in. He stepped in looking around the veldt but he could not find the children he quickly looked back as he heard a startling sound it was the door, it had been closed.


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