Digital literacy 2017

Digital literacy is an important tool in my day to day life from doing different projects in school to creating a post on Instagram. Although these services are mostly good, there are some things you should be careful of that could affect your digital footprint.

The presence of digital literacy in my school has made it much more simple for me to do work and projects. With services like edublog where I can post my work on my own page. From that page my teachers can instantly see what I have done.

Not everything is perfect though. For example I could post something on social media that is offensive to a race or religion. In the future my job opportunities and being accepted into colleges/universities may be more difficult. A good way to stop this from occurring is by using this system “think”. T – is it true H – is it helpful I – is it inspiring N – is it necessary K – is it kind. If you stick by these rules you should not have a negative digital footprint.

footprints by kinda attribution

Social media apps by Jason A. Howie attribution


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