The Great Depression in Canada

Letters to Bennett

Review pg: 94-97, 100-104, 106-107

Apply Your Knowledge:

Write a letter to Bennett. You’ll have the unique experience of travelling all across Canada and you will describe what you have witnessed in your travels.


  • Work Camps
  • On To Ottawa Trek
  • Soup Kitchens
  • In line for Pogey
  • Effects in different provinces
  • Prairies
  • What you’re asking for

The Great Depressionnotes

Causes of the Great Depression

Review pg: 85, 90-93 (Chapter 4)

Apply Your Knowledge:

Review the 5 causes of the Great Depression, could each of them happen today?

Find someone you know who understands economics. Ask them if they think the Great Depression can ever happen again and why. Respond to them with your knowledge of the causes of the Great Depression.

Record your conversation and post to your blog

Canada’s Autonomy after WWI

Autonomy Organizer

  1. The Chanak Crisis
  2. The Halibut Treaty
  3. The King-Byng Affair
  4. The Statute of Westminster

Apply Your Knowledge:

Complete the chart to show how far Canada has moved away from Britain in gaining its own autonomy.

  1. Give each event a ranking out of 10
  2. Place flag at the distance of ranking
  3. In the space around the flag, justify your ranking (explain why you gave it that number based on the evidence from your readings)

Not so good times after WWI

Review pp 62, 64-65, 77-79 in Counterpoints

Apply Your Knowledge:

1921 election

Based on the character assigned to you, explain which party/leader you would vote for and why you wouldn’t vote for the other two.

  • make sure you focus on the problems your character will face
  • think about which party would most help solve your problems


An Unhappy Canadanotes

End of War

Versailles – David Lloyd George

Versailles – Georges Clemenceau

Versailles – Woodrow Wilson


Apply Your Knowledge:

  • Review the terms of the Treaty of Versailles and read “Why did the victors not get everything they wanted?” (optional but very helpful)
  • Explain which country got the best deal out of the Treaty of Versailles.
    • Make reference to the treaty terms and explain how it benefits a certain country . (League of Nations, Self-Determination, Reparations, Anschluss, Rhineland, etc.)

End of WWInotes