Watch this TED Talk on “Truth”

Watch this video on Credibility

Search for at least 3 articles about one topic (maybe your project topic) and complete the following questions for each.

  1. Post the a clickable link to the article
  2. Introduce the article’s argument/purpose
  3. What did you find out about the author’s expertise? Where did you find it?
  4. Any evidence of bias? Sponsors for the site? Is it peer reviewed? Wording? Affiliations?
  5. Date of publication
  6. Give an overall ranking out of 10 for the credibility of the source


  • What conclusions can you make about the “truth” of the topic based on these articles?

Extension (optional)

  • try using someone else’s browser account to see if you get different results.
  • try to provide examples of credible and non-credible sources

Topics: Climate change, Pipelines, Single use plastic, EVs, Animals in captivity, Hunting, Agriculture, Deforestation, Overpopulation, GMOs, Fish farming, Natural gas, Cross laminated timber, other?

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