WWI Reflection #5

Provide some ideas on your movie pitch so far. What primary sources have you found that would help you prove your idea is historically accurate?

  • If you have time, you can watch the movie 1917 here. It is password protected so I don’t get in trouble. Same password as your textbook.
  • Other movies to look up for more ideas if you can and have time: Passchendaele (it’s a Canadian film!), War Horse (I haven’t seen), All Quiet on the Western Front (great film about perspective)

6 thoughts on “WWI Reflection #5

    • A movie pitch is just an idea for a movie. All I’m asking for this reflection is to think about what you’ve learned so far and how that could be a setting for a movie idea. Just be creative. There’s no wrong answer.

        • You don’t need to create the whole story, just have an idea for one. I’m not asking you to write out a whole story and tell it, but you kind of have to envision the whole story and then just give a summary of it. You have the option of making a movie idea that is set during WWI using what you’re learned from it, or the Great Depression (which we’ll take a look at in a few weeks).

    • Yes, post this to your blog too so I can see what you’re thinking about already. No, this doesn’t have to be a full idea, just the gist of what you’re thinking about so far.

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