Canada Responds to War

Canada and the Great War PPT


  • Perspective/Evidence: To what extend did Canadians support the war (find primary evidence)?
  • Perspective/Evidence: Search for “Canada WWI war propaganda”, what are the posters trying to make you do and how are they supposed to make you feel? Find some and share your favourites.
  • Significance: How did the war affect Canada’s development as a nation?
  • Perspective/Evidence: Find primary evidence that reveals how Canadians felt about conscription? Who supported it and who didn’t?
    • What are the messages in the political cartoons?
    • Was the Khaki Election rigged or just better democracy?
    • Was the government acting in the interests of the public when enacting conscription?


Review Sources:

  • Counterpoints, Chapter 2, pp 32-34, 45-46

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