Physical Place and Contour Maps

5 Themes of Geography – Place


a) Download theĀ Cypress Hiking Map

b) Figure out the following:

  1. What are the contour intervals of this map?
  2. What is the scale ratio of the printed map?
  3. What kind of valley does Cypress Bowl sit in?
  4. What kind of valley does the Trans Canada Trail go around?
  5. What is the highest elevation the ski lifts can take you to?
  6. What is the approximate elevation of the top of Raven Ridge chair lift? (figure out the partial elevation)
  7. Create a profile drawing of a straight line from the bottom of Eagle Express chair lift to Eagle Bluff.
    • Find the slope of each section of your profile drawing.
  8. Which slope is steeper, western cliff of Eagle Bluff or western cliff of Donut Rock? What are the two slopes and what is the difference?
  9. Rank the trails based on difficulty: Baden-Powell Trail, Trans Canada Trail, Old Strachan Trail, Hollyburn Mountain Trail, Howe Sound Crest Trail, Sunset Trail
  10. How would you define location vs place regarding this map?

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