Power of Voting

Power of Voting

Power of Voting Video

In recent years, Canadians have showed less of an interest in heading out to the polls to vote. Canadians live in a country of privilege and as a result, we often forget how good we have it. Your task is to help revive the spirit to actively participate in democracy in Canadian youths so that the next generation of voters will appreciate and value what generations in the past have fought for us to have.  Your project will incorporate two themes: “the power of voting” and “democracy in action”.



  • Max Group Size = 3
  • 30sec OR 1 minute of commercial
  • Audience is adults
  • If you borrow footage or pictures (from YouTube or images from websites), please ask permission
    • Sometimes a well chosen still picture says more than video
  • Hand in video file via USB drive (names in file)


  • Individual
  • Must be an original photo
  • Hand in a written portion to explain the aesthetics of the photo and how it relates to democracy
  • Hand in image file and writing via USB drive (name in file)


  • Individual
  • Essay, Poem, etc.
  • Artistic compositions need an explanation (ie. poem)
  • Hand in file via USB drive (name in file)


You will enter your work into the following contest (not mandatory but recommended): Canada’s Democracy Week

Does not meet

Minimally Meets



“explain how Canadians can effect change at the federal and provincial levels” – misunderstandings of the purpose of voting or voting process- put together with little thought of creating a quality final product

“voting is a waste of time”

– knowledge of voting system- little effort put into making a quality project

“I still don’t see why I should vote”

– understands the effect that voting has- eye catching and interesting

“voting is a good thing”

– understanding and appreciation of the power to vote- innovative, captivating, sends a memorable message

– may incorporate knowledge of history or current events

“wow, I better not pass up the opportunity to vote”

Need inspiration?

*hint – sometimes the best commercials are the simplest






http://archives.cbc.ca/politics/elections/topics/1450/ (use the slide bar at the bottom- there are a few videos here)





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