Overpopulation Essay

Population Research Essay:

Key Question: Is world overpopulation a problem we should be concerned with?

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Argument(10) Lack of thesis, points are irrelevant, writing has no flow, no attempt to lead to a logical conclusion Thesis is present but may be unclear, details may lack relevancy, may be discontinuous, conclusion is not explained logically Clear thesis, relevant supporting details, flows well, logical conclusion Clear thesis present throughout, all facts are relevant to the thesis, flows well, specific data used to highlight the argument, logical conclusion
Knowledge checklist:Population growth (rate), birth rate, death rate, natural increase, Demographic Transition Model or population pyramid, dependency ratio, distribution and density, doubling time, carrying capacity, (10) Minimal mention of the key terms Essay lacks an attempt to address some of the most relevant terms Essay addresses and shows an understanding of most terms All terms incorporated or expanded upon and all are discussed in the essay with specific real world facts and with an understanding of their effects on populations
Works Cited(5) One or fewer sources listed

2-4 sources listedOR not cited properly


no in-text citations

At least 5 sources cited properly with in- text citations At least 5 sources cited properly with careful consideration towards the credibility of the sources and uses in-text citations


Useful links:

US Census

UN Data

Google Public Data Explorer

TED – Overpopulation Search

Population Research Instititue – Overpopulation Is A Myth

World Overpopulation Awareness

World Bank Data

FAO Data

David Suzuki Foundation –  Overpopulation Search

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